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Sorcery of Thorns #Bookreview

I love that the story opens with the preconceived notions that the three MC’s have towards each other, That sorcerers are evil, that librarians never dabble in magic and that demons can never feel empathy and concern. It is very much a book about dispelling myths and not judging a book by its cover. It is also a crazy adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat and turning pages, wondering if people are who they truly seem.

It was definitely a 24-hour read for me!

The tension between Nathaniel and Elizabeth is ridiculous and surprisingly totally believable. I am also such a softy for hate to love tropes in books, so it definitely had my attention. I would say though that Silas really took the prize on character development and making you care about him. The whole time you are reading Silas is an enigma. Is he good? Is he bad? What are his real intentions? and is he really a demon to the core like people around town say he is? in the end what Silas goes through, what he reveals and what we learn about him really added to the story and turned out to be some of the best writing I have read in a while.

This book was quite big and somehow I still wanted it to last longer, I wanted more of the story and that was the part that was truly magical. This book was equal parts character-driven and plot-driven which really kept you moving through the book at a steady pace, I honestly didn’t feel like there were any lulls in the reading.

Literally couldn’t put it down.

Last but not least the themes that were covered in this book were varied and powerful in their own right. Women empowerment, facing your fears, judging others, learning that there is a fine line between right and wrong, LGBTQIA+ characters, discovering a new part of yourself, just to name a few!

Rating: 5/5 ❤❤❤❤❤

It had it all, book wardens who protect great libraries, sorcerers, adventures, soul, love. I never thought there would be a story that would rival the stories of Belle’s library but I finally found it! However, I think I will stick to being an archivist because me holding a sword? that wouldn’t turn out well.

Stories like this are great for everyone out there, so I really encourage parents, young adults and even children who are up for the challenge to immerse themselves in a world they will not want to leave behind.

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