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Let’s Talk with Maria Ingrande Mora

I am really excited to share this interview with ya’ll today, not only because I am super excited for her book Fragile Remedy releasing March 9, 2021 (I know the pandemic pushed it back) I am still crying😭😭

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😍Soft boys

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Since connecting for this interview, I have learned that Maria loves The Untamed (has watched it three times) and also likes to watch people play Animal Crossing! If that is not #authorgoals #friendgoals I don’t know what is !! Without further ado let’s read a bit more about Maria’s experiences with writing, advice she has for future writers, and my favorite question, what song would you say represents your book?

Q: Please introduce yourselves and briefly explain what your books are about!

I’m a marketing executive by day and a writer by night. I’m also a single mom, so it’s all a bit of a balancing act. FRAGILE REMEDY is my young adult debut. It’s a queer dark fantasy with sci-fi vibes about a boy who was stolen from the lab that created him and now lives in hiding on the streets of a quarantined district. As his health begins to fail, he must decide between slowly dying with the gang he’s come to love, or giving up his freedom to a violent organization to stay alive. 

My books have common themes of found families and complicated relationships with families of origin. My characters often struggle with self-worth and embracing vulnerability as a strength.

Q. What inspired you to become a writer?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a writer. I was very fortunate to have a family that supplied me with books early and often. I’ve always loved to read and have always found it a safe escape. Telling stories to myself slowly turned into writing those stories for myself, and then considering writing them for others. I studied English in college and had the amazing opportunity to take several advanced poetry workshops. That really helped shape me as a professional writer. 

Q. Who’s your favorite Queer author?

My favorite queer author actually doesn’t write YA. But Ellen Kushner’s SWORDSPOINT was a formative gay reading experience for me when I was young. Until I came across it, I had not read about queer characters in a speculative setting. 

Q. What song would go best with your book? why?

Water & Power by Cold War Kids is the FRAGILE REMEDY “theme” for me. But here’s the whole playlist I wrote to:

Q.  What are your favorite books?

Recently, SPINNING SILVER and SORCERY OF THORNS were two books I enjoyed tremendously. I have a soft spot for interesting twists on the Beauty and the Beast trope. I re-read SWORDSPOINT every couple of years. Gail Carriger’s PARASOL PROTECTORATE series is my favorite adult urban (historical urban?) fantasy. WEETZIE BAT holds a special place in my heart for helping me step into a place of understanding and acceptance of my queerness when I was an older teen. I don’t read contemporary romance often but RED WHITE & ROYAL BLUE was adorable.

Q. What made you want to write in your current genre?

Mostly films and TV, believe it or not. I just love gritty takes on alternate worlds. Cowboy Bebop and Waterworld come to mind. I had already written this book when Mad Max: Fury Road came out, but I was like YES. THIS.

The BOXCAR CHILDREN series really turned me on to stories of survival. I read a ton in that genre as a child. THE ISLAND KEEPER, HATCHET, JULIE OF THE WOLVES. I loved stories of young people surviving, and that seques really nicely into surviving not in the wilderness but in a wild, dangerous sci-fi setting. 

I’m also pretty inspired by certain Westerns like Tombstone and The Quick and the Dead. While they’re not obviously connected, there are tropes of desperation and stubborn friendship that inspire me quite a bit in Westerns.

Q. If your main character had a Twitter account, what would be a tweet of theirs that would go viral?

Oh man, Nate would be insufferable on Twitter. He’d probably accidentally go viral tweeting some despondent late night big mood. Or something indicating that he is clueless about the fact that his crush does, in fact, love him back.

Q. Do you feel like your book is the kind you wanted to read when you were younger?

Very much. By the time I was 14 or so, I was reading books written for adults more than books written for teens. I would have loved being handed a book like FRAGILE REMEDY that didn’t tiptoe around dark and serious issues, but featured a cast of characters I could relate to.

Q. What do you hope readers, especially from your community, take away from your book or your experiences as an author?

I want young readers to know that they’re just fine on their own schedule. Coming out, feeling out identities and labels. These don’t have to happen right away, and they’re not set in stone either. I’m a 40-year-old, and I’m still exploring who I am. I’m still exploring how to talk about who I am. 

And when it comes to embarking on a writing career — there’s no pressing timeline there either. Like they say in yoga, keep your eyes on your mat. It’s your journey that matters.

When it comes to FRAGILE REMEDY, I hope it helps readers understand that the relationships we have not only with our friends but with our selves are complicated and messy — and that’s okay. 

Q. Do you have any advice for any aspiring authors out there?

Just write. Just read. Tell the stories that make you feel things. Surround yourself with a writing community, even if that means one or two close friends, who can relate to where you’re at on your path and process.

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See You Next time!!!

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