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STAMPED: Learning the Truth

There is one sentence that has not left my mind since I stopped listening to the audiobook:

Angela Davis is still alive.

Why you might ask? because most times when Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and Racism are brought up in white spaces the first argument is always, that was so long ago! As a matter of fact it wasn’t people, because Angela Davis is only 76 years old, and she is one of the cornerstones of the Civil Rights Movement, the Empowerment of Black Women, Equality, and an Anti-Racist.

How did Angela Davis inspire a movement? #BecauseOfHerStory

You know what’s even more shocking? That I had no idea who she was.

I listened to this audiobook everyday for 30 minutes (I highly suggest listening instead of just reading). Everyday I unlearned something I had been taught in school. Everyday I grew more dissapointed at the erasure of Black history from our textbooks, from our education system. Everyday I returned to my living room and brought up the discrepancies with my parents. Everyday I had to research history, that I should have already learned.

and this should come as no surprise to me, when I as Puerto Rican (who are also U.S citizens btw) never learned about our history, we were also erased. The Government and the U.S education system have brainwashed this country into believing we are great, great liars maybe. What’s even worse is that the United States believed its own lie, and grew up thinking they were an outstanding citizen when in reality they were the abuser who never acknowledged their mistakes.

People always say “Well you don’t see statues of Hitler in Germany”! and they are right, because Germany recognized the damage they’d done, they learned it, it was taught in schools, they discussed as a country, ways to not let it happen again. Im not saying they are perfect, but they walked up to a mirror and looked at themselves and didn’t like what they saw. So they banned it all, made Nazi symbolism illegal and punishable, and did their best to move forward as a nation.

The US on the other hand have walked up to the mirror several times and refused to see ourselves for who we are as a country. Refuse to look in the mirror and say we did this, with fear that we won’t be great anymore. That’s where you’re wrong though, admitting our mistakes would make us great. Fixing our infrastructure to repair the damage done makes us great. Dismantling the thought process we have created as a nation makes us great. We are here because statues of our worst tarnishes in history are still being idolized, because traitors are being mentioned as heroes, because the confederate flag is being flown with honor when it actually represents the opposite of what the US has always claimed to stand for. We are here because we continue killing Black people. Killing Indigenous people. Its like we looked in the mirror after a hot shower and didn’t wipe away the fog. We just thought we must look good.

We don’t.

And I know I mention country and Nation, but change all of those to I, You, Me and you’ll get a different picture, you’ll see yourself in the mirror, quite possibly for the first time. I hope that when you do, you make better choices, because none of this will change without you.

If you haven’t read this book, if you haven’t been learning and educating yourself during this time, do better.

Do you know the difference between the Tulsa Race Riots and the Tulsa Massacre? That I was 2 weeks ago old when I learned that white people and our government were so cowardly, that instead of owning up to destroying Black Wallstreet and the hundreds of Black people they killed, they made those same Black people they’re scapegoats and called it the Tulsa Race Riots.

Why the Tulsa Massacre is still relevant today:

Our history books are just evidence of all the times the US scapegoated its crimes by pinning them on the backs of Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

So when you get mad about the riots, the looting, the protests, stop and think about what you really know, and you might realize you know nothing.

But you know who knows? Angela davis. The Black woman who had to fight every step of the way to be where she is today. The woman who gets to turn on her tv and realize that not much has changed. The woman who didn’t have the privilege to not look herself in the mirror because everyone was holding one up to her.

Angela Davis on Abolition, Calls to Defund Police, Toppled Racist Statues & Voting in 2020 Election

So now, take that mirror and turn it on yourself.

What do you see?

Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism, and You:

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Educational Resources:

NOX The Reader @nox_reads: A Guide to Anti-Racist Resources | #blacklivesmatter #sayhisname

Andrew Garcia Chavez IG @agarcha10 Non- Black Latinx Resources on Anti-Blackness

7 thoughts on “STAMPED: Learning the Truth”

  1. This is a great post, it’s eye opening and powerful. I really want to read the book so I can learn more


  2. I‘m currently reading the audiobook and it‘s such an eye-opening book, seeing that “mainstream” society still doesn‘t know better. It’s really disheartening to know that history is still being actively erased. Such a well-written post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and yeah I think that’s what was breaking my heart, the more I was learning the more I realized that most things I know have been skewed.

      Liked by 1 person

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