Hello! Thank you for visiting. I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Astrid. I am from Puerto Rico, living in Orlando, Florida. I am 28 years old, turning 29 in March. I am a book blogger, I have also hosted a few events such as the TBR Readathon (Twitter) and cohosting the Con Sabor Reading Challenge alongside Natalia, Nox and Dani. My love for reading began with Twilight, I loved not only reading the series but also being able to see each movie. However, I wanted to read stories in which I could find myself in and through the Latinx Squad, I have been able to do that. Now, I find characters that have similar backgrounds and experiences to mine. I love being able to dive into a different world that is also different from mine, reading has been a huge part of my life. I have wanted to more within the book community whether it is with a book blog or book club, I am so glad to be involved. I am very grateful that you came to visit our blog, it means so much to me, subscribe and watch out for our book reviews and tag, it’ll be a lot of fun!