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RAYBEARER #BookReview & Playlist

AHHHHHHHH I am so excited that this book is releasing today and I was super inspired to make some content for ya'll so here goes everything lol ! First and foremost I want to thank @hearourvoicesBT for letting me be a part of this and for putting all the flawless asexual rep in my hands:)… Continue reading RAYBEARER #BookReview & Playlist

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Cinderella is Dead #BookReview

Why is it that every time you love a book so much it is hard to find the words?!! Anyways here I am, this might turn into a Books you will like if you like this one, 15 thoughts while reading and just my general thoughts so bear with me, because there was so much about this book that I loved!

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Library of Lost Things Review

Hello everyone! It's my first blog post on Algarete Latinx, I am so excited! I have wanted to do a joint blog for sometime now and I am glad to have a partner as amazing as Natalia. Together, we are two of the cohosts of the Con Sabor Reading Challenge alongside Noxreads and Metamorphodani. Through… Continue reading Library of Lost Things Review

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January Wrap-Up #ConSaborReadingChallenge

In the month of January I had the chance to read 5 books that counted towards this challenge! It really has been a cool experience to see myself and my culture in books and also to learn about other countries and their history. I will share those books with you! If you see one that catches your eye, pick it up!

book reviews

Sorcery of Thorns #Bookreview

I love that the story opens with the preconceived notions that the three MC's have towards each other, That sorcerers are evil, that librarians never dabble in magic and that demons can never feel empathy and concern. It is very much a book about dispelling myths and not judging a book by its cover. It is also a crazy adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat and turning pages, wondering if people are who they truly seem.