Hello Beautiful people! Thank you for stopping by our blog!! I am a Puertorican/Dominican born and raised, currently living in Georgia, USA. The book that brought me into the reading world was Midnight for Charlie Bone although I am unsure at what age, but books have always been both my escape and my refuge! I have the honor of continuing to not only read books but also to help uplift them within the book community and that makes me happy! I currently also Co-host the #ConSaborReadingChallege with Nox, Astrid and Dani and am the voice of our Discord group lol . I hope you enjoy the content that we have for you! Both me an Astrid have different tastes so you are in for a wild ride! My dream is to be an editor, so who knows, maybe one day I will be the mastermind behind one of your favorite books! For now here we are and thank you for coming on this journey with us!

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